Selection – Quick Selection Tool (Part 1)


Select the Quick Selection Tool (shift W). Increase the brush size to fit the selection. Hold and drag over the area to be selection. Add to the selected area/subtract from the selection area by holding down the option key. Once selected, click the Refine Edge button to improve the selected area.

Refine Edge

  • Radius ā€“ Start at 15
  • Refine (add/subtract) to the edges by using the refine edge tool
  • Check Show Radius
  • Check Smart Radius
  • Increase/decrease the radius as necessary
  • Should be OK but adjust if necessary
    • If Necessary Smooth 5-10
    • If Necessary Feather .2 – .5 to soften the edges.

Click ā€œPā€ to see previous state
Selection appropriate “Output To”
Click OK

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