Selection – Quick Selection Tool (Part 2)


Per the previous post, typically a layer mask has been added to the layer. The layer mask only displays the parts of the image that where selected. There are several methods to enhance and refine that selection and layer mask. These methods are described below.

To add a new white layer below the selected layer, command click on the layer icon in the layers window. The from the menu bar select Edit ->Fill and choose White. Click OK and the new layer will be filled with white, this the image will have a white background.

  • Using the brush tools paint out (black)/paint in (white) any missing parts of the selection.
  • To remove and fringe around the selection use brush but change the brush mode to Overlay
  • Remove Fringe
    • Command click on the layer mask to load selection around the subject
    • Click on the thumbnail, then press command J to duplicate (This creates the separate layer without the background)
    • Click the eye to hide the original layer
    • The from the menu bar select Layer ->Matting -> Defringe enter width of 1
    • Command Z to see the difference
    • If Necessary undo and increase the width
  • Refine Mask
    • Click the Mask
    • Click Properties Panel to open
    • Click Mask Edge. This opens the Refine Mask Panel, Refine Mask similar to Refine Edge
    • Feather to soften the edges of the mask
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