Selection – Extracting & Refining Hair

The following is a method improve the extract of hair and to keep all of the hair of a selection intact. First, follow the steps in the post Quick Selection Tools to make the initial selection. When in the Refine Edge dialog, pay special attention to the hair using the Refine Radius Tool. Once a satisfactory selection has been created, the next step is to actually refine the hair. The following methods enhance the hair against a particular background. These methods can be used together or separately depending on the requirements of the selection.

    General Rules

    • Light Hair Bright Background use Inner Glow – Blend Mode Screen
    • Dark Hair Dark Background use Inner Glow – Blend Mode Multiply
    • Otherwise Inner Glow is not typically needed as the remnants from original are hidden within the background

    Method #1
    Inner Glow Layer Style

    • Click Layer Style Icon (fx) and choose Inner Glow
    • Click eyedropper to color closest to hair
    • Change Blend Mode to Screen for light hair or Multiply for dark hair
    • Adjust size and opacity in the effects dialog depending on the requirement
    • Click OK
    • The inner glow effect will be applied to the entire selection. If the inner glow is to be only applied to the hair, take the following steps.

    • Click Layer ->Layer Style ->Create Layer
    • Add a mask and paint away any parts of the inner glow that should be hidden.

    Method #2
    Dodge and burn the hair

    • Select the Dodge or Burn tool
    • Set range to midtones
    • Light hair dodge
    • Dark hair burn
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