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Hummingbird Migration – 2012

In honor of the first sighting of the hummingbird migration, I felt it was time to update the hummingbird gallery. The birds can be tracked throughout the season at this link Hummingbird Migration. Though hummingbirds appear small in stature, these

Morning Meeting

As I traversed the trails of Maple Lake on a cold December morning, the tips of my fingers began to feel the coldness in the air. As I started to think cold fingers would be the only thing I would

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Hope of Springtime

As winter sets in with its colder days ahead of us, I thought some images of blooming trees with their springtime visitors would provide everyone hope that spring is only 111 days away. The bay breasted warbler nestles itself in


On a journey to the grocery store a white object in the Kean Avenue prairie caught my eye. Upon looking west, I noticed a Cooper’s Hawk perched on a bare branch of a tree that surrounds the open prairie.  To