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Selection – Copy

After making a selection, click the Command + J keys to duplicate a selection on a new layer. If nothing is selected the active layer will be duplicated to a new layer.

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Selection – Perfect Circle/Square

To create a perfect circle or square. Select the elliptical marquee tool (shift M) Click on the center. Start to drag out a marquee. Hold the Option key drag from the center outward. Hold the Shift key down to constrain

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Tonality Adjustments in Photoshop

Tonality Adjustments/Tonal Balancing Merriam-Webster defines tonality as “the arrangement or interrelation of the tones of a work of visual art”. Tonality adjustments or tonal balancing with regards to image development is the method to change brightness and contrast within that

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Layer Mask Tips

Layer Mask Tips and Techniques After applying a mask to an image, it is often desirable to see the exact coverage of the mask. A quick way to see the mask coverage is to make it active by pressing the

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Blending Modes for Image Enhancement

Multiply and Screen – Enhance images tones and definition The multiply and screen blending modes can be used to darken and lighten an image. The multiply blending darkens the image, the screen mode lightens the image. Along with darkening and

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