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Ole Number 11

Beams withering, joints rusting and paint peeling, the adventures have come to an end. The once proud craft provided numerous safe passages through the chain of lakes for the many fishermen she has met. The vessel’s captain need not ever


Like a sculptor with a chisel, nature used glaciers, wind and water to carve the St. Peter Sandstone into rising bluffs and deep narrow canyons at Starved Rock State Park. For over 400 million years nature has been hard at

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Springtime Glen

Waterfall Glen is one of the most ecologically diverse forest preserves in DuPage County. The preserve includes prairies, savannas, woodlands, marshes, creeks and a 9.5-mile hiking/riding trail. This blended environment provides a habitat for a large cross section of scenery

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A Mother’s Day Gift from Mother Nature

Virginia Bluebells Springtime along the dry riverbeds of the Messenger Woods provides a startling explosion of pastel colors. The blue, purple and green colors of the Virginia Bluebells are a delight to senses. The soft delicate spring ephemeral plants bloom

Tranquility of Water

Water often moves with power and force, yet over time it has a relaxing quality that displays a graceful calmness. By photographing water over long periods of time, one can discover the tranquility hidden in a rushing waterfall or stream.

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Autumn’s Metamorphosis

Autumn’s metamorphosis takes hold along a Cook County stream. As autumn colors take over the forest preserve, a recent rainfall helps raise the water levels of some of the creeks. While the colors in the area can capture a scene,