Author: Mike Truchon

Queen Anne’s Lace

Whether you consider the Queen Anne’s Lace invasive or an elegant delight, its delicate beauty is a sight to behold. The bright white flowers of the Queen Anne’s Lace can be found almost anywhere, lining our Midwestern highways or in

Secrets for Gorgeous Flower Photos

Springtime Robins

Attracting Hummingbirds and Orioles

A ruby throated hummingbird hovers over a solitary bright red monarda blossom in our backyard. We planted bee balm (monarda), trumpet vine (campsis radicans) and butterfly bush (buddleia) in our garden with the specific intention of attracting hummingbirds. With the

Do Dogs Get Colds?

Abe, our Labrador Retriever, is a wonderful soul. Though he loves all of the seasons, winter seems to be his favorite. On a winter’s day, he could spend hours running, jumping and playing in the snow. The joy on his

Migratory Birds Are Worth Protecting

In our backyard, Baltimore orioles have a choice of oranges and grape jelly. Keeping their feeders full is a small price to pay for the delight in hearing their chitter and gasping at their orange plumage all summer long. George Fenwick (President of

Assembly Required

As the Rolling Stones song goes “You can’t always get what you want but if you try, sometimes well, you might find you get what you need.” This was certainly the case with the Raven’s Eye and the challenges that

Luminance Adjustments

Luminance is the intensity of light emitted from a area. The darkest luminance levels are known as the shadows, the brightest luminance levels are known as the highlights and then the luminance levels in between are known as midtones. There

Cropping Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

Tips and Tricks  &#8984 + “H” – Hide the crop boundary box. The crop tool is still active and the image still can be cropped with out the distraction of the crop boundary box. Shortcuts “C” – Selects the Crop

Layer Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

Tips and Tricks Rename Multiple Layers Double-clicking on a layer name and rename Press the Tab key to advance to the next layer Rename layer Press the Tab key continue to next layer or Press Enter to end Load Layer